The saying “to lend a hand” takes on a whole new meaning in the animal rescue field.

I’ll be the first to admit these graspers look a bit odd, but its uses are numerous. The most important of which I’ve found is these graspers help minimize the chance of being bitten by animals. This is a real help when I am moving bowls or blankets in their cages.

Often a big part of my work involves identifying animals. The graspers help me to keep a safe distance  while still being able to read identification tags hanging around the necks of nervous dogs.

In another instance, I used graspers to reach over a porch divider to close a front door after an aggressive dog had run back inside the home.

The graspers are also helpful for handling situations involving snakes. When I needed to search a residence, I used two graspers – one in each hand – to search for a snake. I had to look everywhere and found it easier to search items, such as shoes and clothing, with the graspers.

Another benefit of using graspers is to keep your hands from getting dirty. This is a real concern when picking up dirty things while at the home of a hoarder.

These graspers have many uses so keep a few of them in your vehicle at all times.