One of the dirtiest parts of working in animal rescue involves dealing with animal hoarders.  Sadly, the number of these cases continues to climb.  Recently, I had to suit up before entering a place housing more than four dozen cats.  Before going in to the house, I put on a protective suit and a cartridge filter mask.  I also wore steel toe and shank rubber boots and lined PVC waterproof gloves so that they could be easily cleaned.

The tool I prefer for capturing cats and transferring them to carriers is the Hammock net.  It has a flexible hoop to make it harder for animals to escape and is designed to capture animals weighing less than 45 pounds.

The latest Hammock net was on full display at the Animal Care Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that took place in May 2017. I enjoyed having an exhibitor booth to showcase the Hammock net along with other Freeman By Design products. It was great to talk with animal handlers who use my products. Their positive feedback was very encouraging and much appreciated. I also liked offering suggestions on tools to meet their needs, whether that be for a TNR clinic, a hoarding case, or for a safer and more gentle way to handle animals everyday.